Thursday, 28 April 2016

Explore the God Zone On A New Zealand Work Visa

A poet named Thomas Bracken named New Zealand ‘God’s Own Country’, which has been shortened to the 'God Zone' by New Zealanders. If once you witness the vast agricultural beauty of New Zealand you will not be surprised by this nickname. Many people want to experience this beautiful country more intimately, and one way to achieve this is with a holiday work visa for New Zealand. Harvesting Holidays Short-term employment opportunities abound in rural areas during the harvest and planting seasons. A wide variety of people young and old from all over the world take working holidays as agricultural contract labourers. Fruit is a particularly large export in New Zealand. Much seasonal work involves picking kiwi, strawberries, or grapes. Although the work is often vigorous, it’s a wonderful way to get fit and to also get some fresh air.

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