Saturday 30 July 2016

Section 61 Requests: No Leniency Towards Skilled Migrant Visa Holders

New Zealand is always keen on welcoming migrants who have skills, qualifications or experience that are highly in demand in the country. Those who meet the criteria may be able to apply for a skilled migrant visa. Still, qualifying for a visa under the skilled migrant category does not grant you any special rights. Same as every other visa holder, you will need to abide by the conditions detailed for your visa.

Requests Under Section 61

If you are still living in NZ with an expired skilled migrant visa, you are staying unlawfully. The same goes for those who have breached their visa conditions or committed a crime. Not only will this deprive you of your rights as a citizen, but it will inevitably lead to your deportation. However, Immigration will not deport you right away without serving you first with a deportation order, so this gives you a little more time to resolve the situation. One valid solution is to request a visa under the Section 61 of the Immigration Act.

Friday 29 July 2016

Expired Work Visa: Section 61 and Other Options to Avoid Deportation

Migrants who wish to work in New Zealand are required to acquire a working visa. Without one, you may be considered to be staying unlawfully in the country. Worse still, your unlawful status can cause complications such as deportation. The good news is that if you act fast enough, you can find a viable solution to avoid this situation altogether. Here are some tips to help you.

Grounds for Deportation

The authorities cannot order your deportation without valid reasons. The most common case that leads to deportation is staying beyond the expiry date of your visa. This is why it is advisable to remember dates for renewal and constantly update your visa. Other grounds for deportation include breach of the conditions detailed for your visa, committing a criminal offence and obtaining a visa through fraud, forgery or misleading representation.

Thursday 28 July 2016

Through a Work to Residence Visa, You may Even Bring Your Parents

Those who wish to start a new life in New Zealand know that one way of achieving permanent resident status is by applying for a Work to Residence visa. In a nutshell, this programme allows you to find work in New Zealand and gain residency in two years, as long as you meet the stipulated requirements.

Once you’ve achieved permanent resident status, you may then encourage your parents to apply for an Aged Parent visa and enjoy retirement in New Zealand. How can this be possible?

A Look at the Requirements

First, remember that Australian and New Zealand immigration defines an “aged parent” as a parent old enough to be granted an Australian age pension. Specifically, the qualifying age for male applicants is 65 years old, while the qualifying age for female applicants ranges from 63 to 65 years old, depending on her date of birth.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Getting Married in New Zealand: Basics of Prospective Marriage Visa

Life can be unexpected at times, and something unplanned can bring drastic changes. For instance, you may find yourself meeting the love of your life in another country, perhaps in New Zealand or Australia. Then, you realise that the person you love is someone you’re willing to share the rest of your life with.

Before you start preparing for the wedding, however, it’s important that you finish all the important paperwork first, particularly your visa in New Zealand or Australia. Australia allows individuals engaged to an Australian or New Zealand citizen to enter the country and marry their fiancĂ©e or fiancĂ© through an Australian Prospective Marriage visa.