Monday 2 May 2016

Skilled Migrant Visa in NZ: Understanding the Application Process

The skilled migrant category is one way that you can gain entrance into New Zealand. Applying for a visa under this category is, of course, different from other categories. For one, the system is point-based. Applicants have to provide certain information and then they are awarded points based on that. An immigration adviser will be useful in helping you understand the process and how to go about it. Learning about some of the fundamentals of applying for a skilled migrant visa in NZ will get you on the right track. Meeting Requirements Before considering applying for a visa, find out about the requirements, and if you meet them. One aspect that will come into consideration is your health. To be regarded as a suitable applicant for a skilled migrant visa, you have to prove that you are in good health, which entails getting a health check by an approved physician.

A Work to Residence Visa in New Zealand Could be the Best Way Forward

In an increasingly mobile world, greater numbers of people than ever before are choosing to leave their country of birth, and emigrate to a country they hope will provide better opportunities for themselves, family and children. With its high living standards and reputation for a healthier lifestyle, lower property prices and more favourable tax laws, New Zealand continues to be a favoured destination. Temporary Work Visa: For the majority of would be immigrants, applying for a temporary work visa is the favoured path to obtaining a full residence visa. As one would expect, to be granted a work to residence visa in New Zealand, certain criteria have to be met.